2017 KMC CrossFest Elite Athlete Protocol



We appreciate the attendance of all athletes at the KMC CrossFest. Having world class athletes attend is a point of pride.

We invest heavily to provide those athletes with production value, proper amenities, and promotional effort to get the athletes, their support teams, and their sponsors the recognition they deserve. The organization offers one of the richest prize lists in North America, and strives to provide equal payout for elite men and women. We genuinely wish to be as generous as possible to those world class athletes who compete at our event.

American cyclocross, however, remains an emerging sport with minimal promotional resources. And with a recent, profound decline in the bicycling market, many of our event sponsors have been forced to reduce or entirely withdraw sponsorship of the event.

Therefore we have had to measure our generosity.

We believe this sport, this venue, the event and this culture will continue to grow to where both the organizers and the athletes can someday enjoy the prosperity both deserve. Below is our 2017 elite athlete protocol.

All questions should be directed to Athlete Services Coordinator Mark Gunsalus.

The organizers do not provide complimentary housing.

The organizers do not reimburse for travel expenses.

Due to a reduction in sponsorship, the organizers no longer provide complimentary space in the team Pro Team Area. Many teams and club sponsors have arranged for this space in advance. Contact Jim Wannamaker at Expo@KMCCrossFest.com for more information.

This event will be the first and second event in the new Sho-Air U.S. CX Cup Series, an eight-race national series offering a $10,000 prize for the top female and male finisher. A press conference will be held at the Thompson Speedway on Thursday, Sept. 28, at 6:30 p.m. The top three ranked men and women are asked to attend.

The top three finishers of the UCI Elite Junior, Elite Women, Elite Men divisions are required to remain at the podium area for interviews for a minimum of five minutes following the awards ceremony. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $150.

The top three riders of each UCI race, and the top Under-23 rider, are required to report to the awards podium with their bicycle immediately after the finish. Soigneurs and directors should meet their riders at the awards tent with clean clothing. Failure to report within five minutes will result in a fine of $150.

All athletes, with the exception of the reigning U.S. National Champions, will be required to pay full entry fees. Rebates will be provided pending fulfillment of promotional obligations outlined herein.

The riders ranked by the UCI in the top 12 of both the Elite Men and the Elite Women will have their entry fees rebated, subject to fulfilment of promotional obligations.

A total of 16 additional comp entries will be offered to Elite Men and Women subject to approval by the Athlete Services Coordinator.

Rebates will be paid within 30 days of the event.

Promotional Obligations List
All entry fee rebates will be withheld pending the fulfillment of the following obligations:

The top 12 ranked elite men and women are invited to attend the Champion’s Dinner at the Raceway Restaurant inside the venue on Saturday, Sept. 30, by 8 p.m. If unable to do so they must notify the Athlete Services Coordinator by Friday, Sept. 29, at 8 p.m.

All riders receiving comp entries will be asked to perform a promotional obligation. Please contact the Athlete Services Coordinator by Sept. 25 to finalize selections. Mark Gunsalus, mgunsalus@charter.net, 508-272-1323

  • Visit a School, Thursday 2 p.m. or Friday, 10 a.m. Elite athletes are being asked to visit a nearby school for an assembly or classroom. The Athlete Services Coordinator will provide details. Pending schools approving our request and inviting us.
  • Kids Race Saturday 2:30 – 5 p.m. this is after the juniors race and before the madison. Elite athletes asked to make an appearance, speak with the kids and ride for a brief period during the race schedule.
  • Kids Race Sunday 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 this is before the juniors race. Elite athletes asked to make an appearance, speak with the kids and ride for a brief period during the race schedule.
  • Gran Fondo New England, Saturday, 9 a.m. Riders are asked to start the ride and spend a minimum of one hour interacting with riders.
  • Clinic/MTB Ride, Saturday, 11 a.m./2 p.m. Riders will be asked to lead a novice cyclocross clinic or a mountain bike ride along the nearby Air Line Trail and the Douglas State Forest and spend one hour being nice.
  • Race the Madison, Saturday, 6 p.m. Elite riders are asked to partner with a young junior, sponsor, or person of promotional merit to compete in the Madison.