Natchaug Epic v2.0 Postponed until 2021


After considerable consideration, we’ve decided to again postpone the Natchaug Epic version 2.0 to March 28, 2021.

When we selected that date of Aug. 9 we felt certain our public health officials, once the envy of the world, would have this virus contained after four months. Alas, we were wrong. The virus is in charge, not us.

This decision came after we examined three elements of the situation.

1) The Virus. While New England numbers are stable and in decline there is still no clear policy nationally to deal with this virus. Understandably state and local officials struggle to set a clear date for the phase 3 re-opening. We still do not yet have clearance for an event of this size, indoor or outdoor. Hence we have not received any permits from any of the nine governmental authorities required. We had to also factor in some of our key staff and vendors were in California and Texas, both of which are facing lockdowns. And ultimately, we recognized that putting our cherished customers in the cycling community at any risk, no matter how remote, would be irresponsible. At the end of it all this is just a bike ride.

2) The Economy. The virus has devastated the region’s economy. Our rest stop restaurant is closed. The Raceway Restaurant is just now re-opening at 40 percent capacity.

3) The Market. Since we’ve emailed every participant and re-opened registration for the August date few people registered. We recognize this is the market psychology of 2020. This event is simply not sustainable at such a number.

We’ll proceed with plans for our March 28, 2021 and other events in development. We’ll adhere to our refund policy and apply all entries to 2021 event. Please see event notes for details. Keep riding; keep healthy.

Thanks for the understanding.


The Natchaug Epic Team

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