Legge sprints past group of three to win UCI C2 women’s race Sunday

THOMPSON, CT – Regina Legge — Trek Cyclocross Collective — powered away from a group of three to win the women’s elite UCI C2 cyclo-cross race at the 2018 KMC Crossfest, Sunday, Sept. 30.

Legge broke off from the pack early with Natalie Tapias — JAM / NCC — and Kathryn Cumming — Jalapeno Cycling. The three led the field for most of the race, before Legge beat the other two to the critical off-camber, re-mounted and powered up to the finish line.

Erica Leonard — Highgate Racing — led the group midway through the race and had built a significant lead before she double flatted. Cumming drove the group of three past her, and Leonard eventually dropped out of the race.

“It was fast; it was a lot of pedaling [and] there was a headwind,” Legge said. “It was dry. It keeps you on your toes, because it gets a little slick in the corners. But I had a lot of fun.”

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