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In a continuing effort to bring the KMC CrossFest experience to cyclist from around the Nation and around the World, we have partnered with BikeFlights to get your bike to the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park with ease. Just pack, ship, and ride. Visit our shipping page to learn more about how easy it is to travel without worrying about your bike. When it gets to our preferred shipping location, Southbridge Bicycles, we are offering discounted assembly cost. For a complete rundown and shipping instructions please visit the Bikeflights KMC CrossFest page below:


“ I love because not only do they save me money, but they also increase my confidence and decrease my stress. It is a great feeling to not have to worry about your bike on your own travel day and to know that your bike(s) will get to where you need them to go, safely. I also love that will ship more than just bikes, because I need to move wheels around even when my bikes are staying put! ”

Rebecca Fahringer, Stan’s NoTubes p/b Maxxis

“ “The ease of using is something that everyone can appreciate: simple, safe and budget friendly. Having the ability to quickly slap a label on my bike case and put it on the porch for pickup is my perfect day!” ”

Aspire Racing, Jeremy Powers, Ellen Noble and Spencer Petrov

“ I fly week in and week out with a bike, and I’ve heard every reason for being overcharged for a bike from the airlines. delivers a service that is unrivaled by the airlines and not having to worry about an angry check-in employee is the best thing ever! ”

Cody Kaiser, LangeTwins-Specialized

“ is hands down the easiest, most user friendly, stress-free way to travel with your bike. From the easy-to-use website interface that allows you to schedule a pickup to then having your bike arrive at your destination all without ever having to haul it around an airport while crossing your fingers that it doesn’t get lost in transit, makes traveling with your bike something to look forward to rather than to stress over. ”

Justin Lindine, Apex-NBX-Trek


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