A letter from our staff

To the cyclocross community,

As race promoters and event directors we are in the business of making moments. Whether that’s an athlete winning his or her first international caliber event, a kid pedaling their bike on the course alongside a professional, a rider meeting a fitness or skill goals, or someone trying out the sport for the very first time. Producing a place and an atmosphere for these moments to occur is why we’re here.

Our original schedule for 2017 was an attempt to make sure everyone has their moment at KMC Cross Fest. But this Friday night moment on September 29th? We’re going to make sure it is the biggest and best of the weekend.

We want you to know that we’ve heard you. We appreciate and value your feedback. The cyclocross community brings to the table what many other sports can only dream of cultivating: a passionate, active, and deeply involved group of people who care about the progression of the sport at all levels and for all riders. You are what sets us apart. You are what drives us forward to innovate, create, and grow.

We do this for the same reasons that you do. We have a unabashed love for the sport. We have a passion for riding and racing our bikes. And we want to grow and improve. We want to progress; we seek to innovate; we want to grow.

We have moved all start times for Friday back as late as our venue, our staff, and the earlier sunsets of the fall season can accommodate. We remain committed to the Friday format which was designed to allow all of our racers from beginners to masters to professionals to be treated with the respect they deserve. Each rider should get their due time on course at an outstanding production level. We all want our moment.

We will continue to innovate and push boundaries because that’s who we are. We never deny our staff the opportunity to be creative and try to do things differently. We encourage the new, the different, and the bold.

But we will continue to welcome your feedback. And we look forward to seeing you all in Connecticut this fall.

Thank you for your continued support,

Richard Fries
Patrick Goguen
Juli Renquin
Glenn Stilwell
Jim Wannamaker
(and the rest of the staff, coordinators, and volunteers that make this thing possible)

To read a full press release on the schedule adjustments please click here.

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