Wannamaker named Sponsorship-Expo Director of KMC Cross Fest

THOMPSON, Conn. (November 1, 2016) – KMC Cross Fest is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Wannamaker as the event’s Sponsorship and Expo director for 2017. As staff begin to plan for a second year at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Wannamaker will fill a critical role in the growth and expansion of the event going forward.

An industry veteran, Wannamaker has worked extensively doing expo work for a number of events including the Subaru Sea Otter Classic Powered by Sram. A member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Wannamaker will be responsible for the cultivation and care of all the exhibitors and bike industry sponsors of KMC Cross Fest.

“Jim is known as the ‘Hardest Working Man’ in the bike business,” said Richard Fries, event director. “His energy and passion for events is boundless. He seeks one thing: to get as many people excited about bicycles as he can in one lifetime.”

Wannamaker sees the potential that KMC CrossFest has to offer. “This event, the location, the race car tracks, the hills, the grass, the changing grades and the sand, plus the abundant camping and parking has all the attributes to allow us to host a great cross race. Cyclocross continues to grow while other categories are declining. Thompson Speedway offers the KMC CrossFest huge potential to grow and expand and we will.  We will consistently host the best cross race in New England and the USA.”

For Wannamaker, the new title is about cultivating long term relationships. “As Sponsorship and Expo Director, I will be contacting many companies in the industry as well as IBD’s to generate awareness and interest in attending, sponsoring, and supporting the 2017 event and beyond. I am looking for long term relationships and ‘partners’ to grow all our interests. The event is extremely affordable for sponsors and exhibitors. And I will look outside the industry for support and exposure.”

The 2017 KMC Cross Fest will return in Autumn of 2017 to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Connecticut. Look for further announcements and information to be released in the coming months at kmccrossfest.com.

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