KMC Cross Fest Video Coverage to Emulate NFL Films


Short narrative clips and full recaps to tell the story of US Pro Cyclocross

THOMPSON, Conn. (Sept. 13, 2016) – The KMC Cross Fest video coverage for 2016 will focus on short narrative pieces throughout the three-day event and will feature a full race recap post-event of the elite men and women, as well as the elite junior race.

While the video won’t be “live,” during the races, there will be video coverage available throughout each day. The focus will shift towards producing high quality footage and content over the course of the weekend. These short clips will be immediately available and posted online.

“By having videographers, editors, and producers on-site we will have a great ability to deliver more compelling video to our audience via our social and local media platforms,” stated KMC Cross Fest Marketing Communications Director Glenn Stilwell. “We wanted to have a more recognizable format that can be delivered to our audience closer to where they view their video.”

By incorporating this sort of video coverage into social media platforms we can better engage fans of the sport worldwide with more in-depth storytelling in addition to in-race action. In discussing the merits of a live webcast versus a post-produced piece, organizers agreed that in its early days NFL Films did more to create that sport’s legacy than did live television.

“Since the beginning, the competitors and organizers of this race have created a unique narrative that we aim to tell through compelling video and images,” said Ed Medina, who will lead the video team at the venue.


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